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Eredivisie Club Vitesse On the Brink Of Extinction

Eredivisie club Vitesse are on the brink of extinction as their license from the KNVB is seriously threatened. According to the interim director of the club, Edwin Reijntjes, the “chance is quite high” that they will no longer be a club next season.

The Arnhem club is in dire financial trouble, and after another €3.5 million loss this year, they face the possibility of losing their license to compete in the Dutch pyramid. Vitesse, who were originally planning on US investor Cole Parry taking over and covering the loss, are now in an area of uncertainty as the league rejected the takeover.

According to the NL Times, Vitesse are looking to break ties with Parry, but the investor is holding a grip and protecting his interests as he still plans to attempt to takeover the club. The plan according to the article is for the club to gain income through local entrepreneurs, but can only do so if Parry steps away.

If Cole Parry does not provide the club with more money, they may also have to take out a loan to survive this season.

Despite the Arnhem club being around since the 1890’s, Reijntjes is under no illusion that this will have any impact stating: “The licensing committee looks at the facts. And not to history with feelings.”

Only time will tell if Vitesse can keep their license for next season, but the interim director is making a plan to submit his proposal that wouldn’t assume the club’s inclusion in the Eredivisie.

“It would be very unrealistic to submit a plan in which you assume the Eredivisie. That’s not realistic”

– Edwin Reijntjes

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