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Sir Dave Brailsford Has Held One-on-One Meetings With The Manchester United Players to Present INEOS Master Plan

Sir David Brailsford has held one-on-one meetings with the Manchester United playing staff to present the INEOS master plan to the players as the Red Devils continue their poor performances on the pitch. The squad was given the opportunity to present their own thoughts on the project, being allowed to make observations and ask questions about Brailsford’s presentation.

Erik ten Hag’s future at Manchester United remains uncertain, but INEOS have yet to make a comment on the former Ajax manager. However, the meetings with Brailsford did not ask questions about the manager, with the 60-year-old ensuring that he didn’t undermine his power.

The INEOS Master Plan – Starring Dave Brailsford

As reported by Telegraph Sport Sir David Brailsford has held meetings with most of the Manchester United players to present the INEOS master plan. Sir Jim Ratcliffe wants to return the Salford-based team to the former glory they had under Sir Alex Ferguson. These conversations focused on the structure of the club, the establishment as a whole, and the global impacts that Manchester United have on so many fans across the globe.

These sets of meetings are part of an effort by INEOS to create a club that is united, unlike the Manchester United the fans have known for the last 10 years, under Glazer ownership. There is a feeling that communication has improved since the 27.7% takeover, with more of a link between the playing staff, coaching staff, and wider employees of the club. United players are said to be optimistic and positive about the future under the new ownership, despite their current underperformance on the pitch.

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A recent draw with Brentford has seen many question the Manchester United manager, but the one-on-one meetings with Brailsford have reportedly not included dialogue about the Dutchman. A lack of power in the upcoming transfer window could see ten Hag leave on his own accord, but INEOS have made an effort to not undermine the current manager. In years past, it has been reported that the players have gone over the manager and spoken with board members about a new manager, but it seems that this will not be the case with the new owners in power.

Since Sir Jim Ratcliffe Trawlers Ltd. took control of all football operations in February, they have continued to show their intent on returning Manchester United to their former glory. Omar Berrada will join the club at the end of the season and become the new CEO, departing City Football Group, where he was COO. Dan Ashworth and Jason Wilcox also look certain to join the club, with the latter recently resigning as director of football at Southampton. Acquiring the Newcastle director of football and the former head of Manchester City’s academy shows the intent of INEOS.

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