In the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), FPL Price Changes can happen daily. The change in a player’s price will reflect their activity in the transfer market. When FPL managers heavily transfer players in or out, their prices may change. A player’s price can rise by £0.1m per day if they are a popular transfer target. However, if FPL managers heavily sell a player, their price may decrease by £0.1m per day.

Player price changes happen overnight, UK time. When a player’s price changes, it can have an impact on FPL managers. Managers can find themselves priced out of buying a player that they want. This can be because one of their players has decreased by £0.1m or because the player that they have been targeting has risen by £0.1m. If you want further information on learning how these are made we have an article on our website explaining this.

Today’s FPL Price Changes

Player Name Team Position Now Cost Price Yesterday Price Change Date Recorded
No data available for today.

There are over 10 million players who play this game, and due to that, changes can be volatile. The transfer system that FPL base their price changes on works similarly to that of a stock market. If a player is in high demand and highly sought after, and in turn is brought by many managers in a specific game week – his price will go up in value.

On the other hand, if many managers are looking to get rid of their players or assets, their prices will decrease in value. Don’t forget to bookmark this tool if you found it helpful!