FPL Price Changes

FPL Price Changes Explained

FPL Price Changes happen almost every night as soon as the season starts, with them being volatile early on in the season. You should try to gain value throughout the season, as it helps you later on in the season with more money being able to be spent. This post should help you to understand why the changes happen, how they happen, and when they happen. This is, FPL Price Changes Explained.

Ownership Impact

  • The number of FPL managers who transfer a particular player in or out determines price changes. If a player is heavily transferred in, their price can rise by £0.1 million per day. Conversely, if a player is heavily sold, their price can drop by £0.1 million per day.
  • Source: Reddit, Fantasy Football Hub, Premier League


  • In the UK time zone, player prices change overnight. This means that the modifications take place between the end of one gameweek and the start of the next.
  • Source: Fantasy Football Hub, Premier League


  • Prices can fluctuate throughout the season. They are not limited to specific time periods and can occur as player ownership changes.
  • Source: Fantasy Football Hub, All About FPL

Impact on Managers

  • Price fluctuations can have an effect on FPL managers. When the price of one player changes, it can have an impact on the affordability of other players. For example, if the price of a player that a manager wants to acquire rises, the manager may be priced out of acquiring that player. On the other hand, if one of their players’ prices falls, it may have an impact on their team’s overall value.
  • Source: Reddit, Premier League

It is important to note that the FPL game administrators do not publicly disclose the specific algorithms and calculations used to determine price changes. The available information is based on observations and analysis by FPL enthusiasts and experts.

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