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Mateo Mejía: “The idea is to go out on loan, I feel prepared for professional football”

Manchester United’s Colombian youth talent, Mateo Mejía, is keen on taking his football career to the next level by seeking a loan move or a move away from Man United in the upcoming January transfer window. The young striker’s journey through recovery and training with United’s first team has prepared him for the next step in his professional career, whether that be in England, Spain, or elsewhere.

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“After a year of competing, I feel good, prepared, and believe it’s the right time to take the next step,” Mejía shared with optimism. His plan, developed working with his agents and United, is to experience first-hand professional football, assessing his readiness for the top level.

“If I reach the level, then great, and if not, I will continue to develop with the sub-23s”

The journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Mejía recalls the painful injury that hindered his development at Man United in his first 4 years at the club.

“It was a tendon that moved in the ankle bone. Every time I ran it went ‘clack clac’, that was immense pain”

“They have been screwed years, I’m not going to lie to you, I hadn’t played for almost three and a half years”

“But I have learned a lot, now I know how to value when you are on the field and you have minutes. Now I have been injury-free for more than a year, I am playing a lot and very happy”

However, now his recovery is complete, and this summer he even joined the first team’s pre-season tour, marking his unofficial debut in a friendly against Wrexham. “I haven’t made my official debut with the first team yet, but I’ve played at Old Trafford with the reserve team,” he reminisces proudly.

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His exposure to the first team’s environment brought him into close contact with legends and current stars. “Training several times with Cristiano Ronaldo and others like Bruno and Mata was inspiring. Cristiano is always at 100%, an example of dedication and professionalism,” Mejía reflects, noting the normalcy and approachability of these icons behind the scenes.

The interest in Mejía is growing, with teams from Belgium, Holland, and Spain’s Second Division inquiring about his services. Most notably, Sevilla are keen to bring the young forward into their ranks, with the Spanish side proposing a move that includes a percentage clause for his future sale.

Internationally, Mejía’s form at Manchester United’s under-23 level has not gone unnoticed. He received a call-up from Colombia U-20, thanks to his mother’s nationality. “I was considered for the U-20 South American and World Cup but was ultimately not selected. It was a disappointing experience, especially travelling to Colombia only to be sent home,” he shares candidly. The experience, while disheartening, has not deterred his determination but rather fueled his desire to prove himself.

“The idea is to go out on loan, I feel prepared for professional football”

Speaking to El Periódico de Aragón

As Mateo Mejía looks forward to January, his focus is clear: secure a first-team professional football to gain the invaluable experience necessary to solidify his place in professional football. With his eyes set on the future, the young forward is determined to make his mark, both at the club level and internationally. After having over 3 years out through injury, where his future in the game had come into question, he needs to play real football to show he can make it as a professional.

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One thing is for certain, after such a long time out, it has shown that Mateo Mejía has the determination to make it to the top of the game.

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