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Which Teams Have Achieved The Most xG in A Premier League Game?

Liverpool broke the record for the most xG achieved in a Premier League game last night against Newcastle United, and that gets the mind thinking about which was the highest before that. There have been several high xG games over the years since the statistic came into effect around 2020, but which ones in the Premier League stand close to the feat achieved by Liverpool last night? Let’s take a look.

1: Liverpool: 7.53xG v Newcastle (2023)


Liverpool put on a masterclass against Newcastle last night, and ought to have scored more than 4 goals considering the amount of xG they created. The Reds created enough chances to score over 7 goals last night, with Martin Dubravka having an xGOT of 6.67 flashed by his goal. Newcastle have their keeper to thank that the score stayed below 7, with Liverpool creating 9 big chances overall and missing 5 of those. It’s the highest the league has ever seen, and it’s likely to be a long time before it’s recreated again.

2: Manchester City: 5.87 v Watford (2019)

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It’s no surprise Manchester City are on this list, and it won’t be the last time we see them either. City’s 8-0 demolition of Watford in 2019 saw them create 5.87 xG, which means they scored 2.13 goals more than they were supposed to given the level of chances they created on the day. Watford may feel hard done by to concede 3 more than they were supposed to, but the feeling is they’re more grateful the game stayed at single digits as opposed to double digits.

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It took more than a year for a team to accumulate over 5 xG in the Premier League after this result in 2019. Aston Villa were the next team to do so in December 2020 against Crystal Palace.

3: Liverpool: 5.87 v Leeds (2022)

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Liverpool is back on the list again, with a result from February 2022 against Leeds United. The Reds beat a Marcelo Bielsa-led side 6-0 on the way to finishing second by a point behind Manchester City and matched the Blue’s xG record against Watford 3 years earlier. The Reds created 8 big chances in the game and missed two of them on the way to scoring 6 goals. Leeds could only manage 3 shots on goal in return, creating just 0.24 xG in the game.

4: Manchester United: 5.22 v Chelsea (2023)

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Much to the surprise of many reading, Manchester United are on this list for a performance in 2023. As bad as they have been for large parts of it, United created the 4th most xG ever recorded in a Premier League game against Chelsea in May of last year, with 5.22. United created 7 big chances and ended up missing 4 of those. One of the goals United scored from had an xG of 0.08, and one of the chances they missed had an xG of 0.92. Sounds like Manchester United alright. Chelsea themselves also had chances in this game, creating an xG of 1.94 and missing 3 big chances of their own.

5: Manchester City: 5.20 v QPR (2015)

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Manchester City are inevitable, and they have returned to finish off this list. City beat QPR 6-0 in 2015 and accumulated an xG of 5.20. This was a record that stood on its own for 4 years until they broke the record themselves in their 8-0 win against Watford. Unlike the Watford game, City underperformed their xG by 0.80 in this game. There are many examples throughout the years of City getting above 4.00 xG, but Liverpool last night took the prize of having accumulated the most on record in the history of the league.

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