Top 5 Best Football Books
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The Top 5 Best Football Books to Read Right Now

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Football is the world’s sport. It is the most popular on the planet and fans consume it in many different ways. Whether it is going to games, watching it on TV, playing it for yourself, watching highlights on YouTube, or reading about it in one of the best football books you can find.

The sport is highly supported, which means there is a tonne of content out there, and finding the best in such a saturated market can be tough. Well, if you are looking for more reading material on football, here are the top 5 best football books of all time, in our opinion, of course.

Top 5 Best Football Books You Can Read

5. Jose Mourinho: The Art of Winning (Andrew Kirby)

José Mourinho is widely put into the conversation when talking about the greatest managers in history. The Portuguese man has won multiple Champions League trophies, numerous league titles, and plenty of domestic cups. He is a serial winner.

This book by Andrew Kirby highlights the role of Mourinho in the dugout and how his tactics have resulted in him becoming one of the most reputable managers in the game. It is certainly in with a shout of the best football books of all time.

Kirby explores Mourinho’s tactical genius, distinctive managerial style, and dogged pursuit of victory with in-depth research and conversations with key figures from his career. From his humble beginnings as Sir Bobby Robson’s interpreter to his legendary achievements with Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Porto, and Chelsea, this book follows Mourinho’s journey to the top.

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4. Football Against the Enemy (Simon Kuper)

Football isn’t just a sport. It is ingrained in society, politics, and culture all around the world. This book by Simon Kuper highlights just that.

It encapsulates how influential football can be in multiple countries all over the world. He explores the role of football in shaping national identity, fostering unity or division, and reflecting the broader struggles and triumphs of societies.

Kuper explores the widespread links between football and topics like religion, nationality, globalisation, and race, from the passionate football cultures of Argentina and Brazil to the stadiums of the former Yugoslavia, which were devastated by war. He goes further to look at how football has impacted areas as diverse as diplomacy, urban planning, and economics.

It is a terrific read for any football fan and you can grab this book from Amazon by following this link!

3. I Think Therefore I Play (Andrea Pirlo)

Andrea Pirlo is no doubt one of the greatest midfielders of all time. The Italian, who has lusciously long hair, may I add, is a true scholar of the game. In just 150 pages, this book offers entertainment in all aspects.

Stories such as his failed transfer to FC Barcelona, which include a meeting with Guardiola, provide a fascinating insight into the world of the transfer market. Meanwhile, the former Juventus player is no stranger to humour. His line about warm-ups being “masturbation” for conditioning coaches will certainly make you chuckle.

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2. The Man Who Saved FC Barcelona (Sue O’Connell)

FC Barcelona are one of the biggest clubs in world football, but they very nearly weren’t. The story of how an Irishman, Patrick O’Connell, saved the club from extinction is truly worth a read and makes our list of best football books of all time.

This book by his grandson’s wife recounts a perfect narration of what happened back in the 1930’s. After the Catalan club’s president was assassinated, O’Connell led them on a tour of Mexico and the USA to recoup funds to guide them out of a financial crisis. It is a book all football fans should pick up!

You can read more about this incredible story by purchasing it from this Amazon link!

1. Inverting the Pyramid (Jonathan Wilson)

Inverting the Pyramid showcases fantastic research and historical investigation as Jonathan Wilson goes through the history of tactics in our beautiful game.

In the book, we learn about the fascinating ways in which South Americans fought the impact of British colonial rule in order to infuse their own distinctive style into the game. In addition to this, we gain knowledge about Europeans who were able to expertly combine individual flare with cohesive team performance. Wilson paints a vivid picture of the evolution of tactics in modern football, beginning with the era of five forwards and ending with the increasingly common use of just a single striker.

To get your hands on this brilliant read and, in our opinion, one of the best football books of all time, follow this Amazon link!

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