Dan Burn missing finger

Why does Dan Burn only have 9 Fingers?

Newcastle United have had a lot of players come back from injuries in the last few weeks, with the Magpies suffering from an injury crisis for a number of months now. Dan Burn is one of the players who has been out through injury during that time. The huge 6’7 defender, who was bought from Brighton for £13 million in January 2022, has been a defensive rock for the Magpies since moving back up north.

Even though Burn’s defensive ability gets a lot of praise and attention, one fact about him that often interests people is that he only has nine fingers. It might get overlooked often due to his height, but it is something interesting that a lot of people don’t notice about the big man at first glance.

We learn about Dan Burn’s weird journey in professional football and the story of his missing finger in this piece.

Where did Dan Burn’s finger go?

If you look more closely at pictures of Dan Burn, you’ll see that he is missing his ring finger on his right hand. “How did this happen?” is the first question that comes to mind. The answer to this question takes us back to when Burn was 13 years old.

Dan Burn 9 fingers

Reports say that Burn’s lost finger is the result of a very scary event. He is said to have lost his ring when he was young and was trying to climb over a fence. The ring got caught on a sharp spike and could have killed him. The horrible turn of events was that his ring finger came completely off when it got caught on the spike.

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This may have traumatised a lot of people when they were growing up, and it could have led to them giving up on their dreams after this terrible accident, but Dan Burn didn’t. He showed amazing strength, resilience, and drive to get through this and keep working towards his goal of becoming a professional football player.

The Effects of Dan Burn at Newcastle United

Dan Burn has been nothing but amazing since he joined Newcastle United. Some doubters might have asked Newcastle why they chose Burn over better-known defenders like Pau Torres or Diego Carlos in the January transfer window. Burn, on the other hand, has shut up his critics with great play on the game.

The 31-year-old back from Blyth has played in six Premier League games for the Magpies since he joined, and they have only lost one. Even in that one loss, it was a close one—Chelsea scored late to win. Burn has given Eddie Howe’s back line a big force in the air, which makes it hard for the other team’s attackers to find the net.

Not only does Burn’s appearance make him stand out, but so does his unshakable love for the club. He has been a Newcastle United fan all his life, and he wears the black and white jersey with pride. He gives every game his all. Because he works so hard, people love him and see him as an important part of the team. See below a photo of him as a boy in a Newcastle jumper.

image 56

In closing, Dan Burn’s story shows how strong and determined he was. Even though he lost a finger in a terrible accident when he was a teenager, it didn’t stop him from becoming a professional football player. His work for Newcastle United has been very important, and it’s impossible to overstate how much he helped the team get better under Eddie Howe. Magpies fans can expect Burn to keep playing well at St. James’ Park as long as he is in great shape.

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