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5 Game-Changing Football Rules That Could Revolutionise the Sport!

Football, a sport steeped in tradition, is no stranger to transformation. With each passing season, we witness the call for football rules to change, and recently, adaptations like five substitutions and concussion subs have reshaped the field. What once seemed unthinkable a decade ago has become a reality, proving that change is inevitable.

Yet, in this journey of evolution, one thing remains constant: the essence of the beautiful game. It’s in this spirit that we explore five captivating rule suggestions – not with the intent of making them official, but to spark a discussion and perhaps come up with ideas to improve the game.

So, join us for a touch of football fantasy as we dive into these potential rule twists that could add an extra sprinkle of excitement to the game we all adore.

Top 5 Football Rules That Could Improve the Game

5. Black Cards

Many of us have engaged in debates with our friends, family, and rival fans about whether a tackle deserved a yellow or a red card. Occasionally, certain fouls appear too severe for a mere yellow, yet awarding a red card seems excessively harsh.

Thus, we put forth the concept of a “Black Card.” This unique card would fall somewhere between a yellow and a red, resulting in a player being temporarily sidelined for a specific duration, leaving their team with a numerical disadvantage. This time frame could be anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

Introducing the “Black Card” not only addresses the contentious debates surrounding fouls that border between a red and a yellow card but also holds the potential to reduce abuse directed at referees.

With the presence of a more nuanced penalty, players might feel less inclined to viciously dispute the referee’s decisions, recognizing that the “Black Card” provides a fair and balanced approach to penalizing dangerous play.

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We can’t really take credit for this rule, as Gaelic Football and Rugby (sin-bin) both have similar concepts. If you think this idea is out there, be warned, as this is one of the less outrageous football rules suggestions on this list.

Black Card potential football rules change

4. Bonus Points

We have all been witnesses to intense games where both teams pour their hearts into the match, only to see one team end up on the losing side.

Now, let’s consider a fascinating idea: What if players were rewarded for their outstanding performances on the field? Imagine implementing a system that encourages teams to be bold in attack. One way to do this could be by introducing a rule that grants 1 bonus point to any team that manages to score three or more goals in a match.

However, there’s a catch: Scoring six goals wouldn’t award 2 points; the bonus points would be given only for scoring three goals and no additional points for every other set of three goals.

This system would undoubtedly promote exciting football, pushing teams to relentlessly attack their opponents. It would create an incentive to strive for high-scoring matches and entertain fans with thrilling displays of total football. On the other hand, the classic “park-the-bus” defensive tactics might become less prevalent as the focus shifts toward being proactive in the game.

Some coaches may never get a job again if football rules like this are implemented. Sorry, Sam Allardyce.

Sam Allardyce would not like these football rules.

3. Wage Caps

Throughout football’s history, financial aspects have played a crucial role. However, in recent times, the disparity between clubs across the globe has grown significantly.

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Enter the idea of a wage cap, a measure that has the potential to revolutionise the sport. By implementing such a rule, we can enhance the competitive nature of football and bridge the gap in skill levels between clubs. However, to make this vision a reality, a global consensus is essential. Without a unified approach, players might seek leagues without a wage cap, undermining the quality of football in the leagues they leave behind.

In addition to fostering a more level playing field, a wage cap would serve as a safeguard against reckless spending by club owners. By curbing excessive financial ambitions, it could prevent clubs from falling into insurmountable debt.

While the PFA does not like this idea, it may help the sport in the long run.

We certainly don’t have the expertise to state how this should be implemented, so we shall leave that to the professionals.

Kevin De Bruyne playing in empty stadium
Kevin De Bruyne – Highest paid Premier League player

2. Stop Clock

Time-wasting is an epidemic in football and one of the many dark arts. We, for one, wouldn’t be against trying to prevent it.

Teams who actively try to reduce the amount of football played are extremely annoying and reduce the entertainment factor of our beautiful game. We are looking at you, Mr. Eddie Howe. Although, he certainly has turned the fortunes around at the club, regardless of his use of the dark arts.

Stopping the clock when the ball is out of play or in dead-ball situations would be a definitive way to stop this problem.

However, we do recognise this would make games last longer, so we would probably have to see a reduction in how long each half is. Maybe, make football matches last 80 minutes with the ball in play?

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Two additions to the football rules in one go.

1. MLS Penalties

While not necessarily under the category of “new football rules” per se, MLS penalties can be very enjoyable to watch. Instead of the lottery of a player stepping up from 12 yards out to beat the keeper with one touch of the ball, what if they had to score in a 1v1 scenario, running from the halfway line?

Not only would this concept require more skill from the striker, but it would also give goalkeepers an easier chance at saving. Dare we say it would be a fairer test of skill?

Now, we don’t propose removing penalties altogether but use this idea in the event a game ends as a draw after 90 minutes and after extra time. Maybe the Americans had some good ideas about the sport after all….

Just look at how fun to watch these are:

Remember, these are only “fantasy” ideas, so please do not get mad at us. Cheers. If you have any of your own ideas for new football rules, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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