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Liverpool’s Interest In Kylian Mbappe Is ‘Not Concrete’

Reports have been circulating in recent days suggesting that Liverpool would make a move for PSG forward Kylian Mbappe in the coming months, amid rumors Mohamed Salah may be set to join the Saudi League in the summer.

Salah was the subject of major interest from Al Hilal in the summer, and the Saudi club was at one stage willing to go up to £150m to land the services of the Egyptian. Liverpool stood firm, and Salah has shown no signs of having his head turned since. But, money talks, and it would be difficult for Liverpool to say not to a £200m fee for a 31-year-old.

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Kylian Mbappe To Replace Salah?

Mohamed Salah is arguably one of the top five forwards on the planet at this current moment, and the only fitting way to replace him if he does leave would be with one of the other four. Kylian Mbappe is one of those four, and many would argue he’s the best of the lot. Liverpool have been linked to Mbappe for several years, and it always seems to be between the Reds and Real Madrid for the final destination of the French forward.

Rumors have circulated in recent days suggesting that Liverpool are getting serious about a move for Mbappe and that they are a serious candidate in the race to sign him. We understand the reports are premature. At present, there is nothing concrete between Liverpool and Kylian Mbappe, and the noise in the media is just speculation.

That may change if Al Hilal becomes serious in their pursuit of Salah again in the summer. David Ornstein was certain in his belief that Al Hilal wanted to sign the Egyptian during the last window, and due to Saudi clubs focusing on the local market during the winter window, it’s hard to imagine they won’t try and spend big for Salah again when the time comes during the summer.

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Destined For Madrid?

Madrid and Mbappe feel like a love story waiting to be written, but the writer always seems to get dragged away from the page before he begins to write it. Madrid has tried twice to get Mbappe away from the clutches of PSG at this stage, but the feeling always remains that will eventually end up being a Galatico as opposed to a Merseyside Red.

Liverpool would have to break their wage structure significantly to sign Mbappe, and it’s not something the current regime under FSG is ever likely to sanction, even for a player of the quality of what they would be acquiring. Few clubs in Europe could afford the wages that come with signing Kylian Mbappe, and that’s before you factor in the entourage of media attention that comes along with him.

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The Contract Situation:

One of the reasons there is speculation around Mbappe to Liverpool is due to the fact he is expected to leave on a free in June when his contract expires. As of right now, Mbappe is not set to sign a new contract at the French club. He is currently free to negotiate with whatever club he pleases due to his contract being in the final 6 months.

PSG have feared for some time that Mbappe will join Madrid on a free once his contract expires. Madrid’s reluctance to sign a new striker this summer, and also their reluctance to invest money in the winter window may point towards the fact they are preparing to bring Mbappe in this June. Joselu has led the line at times this season for Madrid, and Mbappe is the most obvious choice to come in and replace the Spaniard when the time does come.

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Due to that, and the fact our information is that Mbappe and Liverpool are not currently concrete, it’s hard to look past Los Blancos signing Kylian Mbappe. It’s the time of signing that could spark the beginning of another period of dominance in Europe for Madrid, and the French forward will be looking at the records set by Cristiano Ronaldo at the club and setting himself aims to break them.

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